Hoang Gia "Pho" Instant Rice Noodles With Chicken 120gr
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Pho is one of the most famous dishes of Vietnam. Inherited from traditional success for over 20 years of producing instant noodles, with special noodles coated technology, modern techniques, and tasty real meat pack, premium VIFON Hoang Gia Pho contains the tangy taste Vietnamese Pho and is worth of the world top 10 in Global Food awards 2010, certified by IUFoST.
Step 1
Cut and put rice noodles and soup base pack into a bowl. 
Step 2
Pour enough boiling water (about 400ml), cover the bowl for 3 minutes. 
Step 3
Open lid, cut and put stewed beef pack, chili sauce pack into the bowl, stir well and serve.