Hoang Gia Instant Broad Rice Noodles With Fish 120g
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Hoang Gia Instant Broad Rice Noodles With Fish is produced on modern technological lines with no preservatives & no synthetic food coloring, made from pure, fragrant and soft rice grains. Authentic anabas is carefully processed, sterilized at high temperature, does not contain preservatives but still retains nutrients and fresh taste. The sweet and savory taste comes from the bone broth, from the perch meat, from the rice in the brown noodles and the mild taste of onions and dill, with a little bit of chili pepper, a little bit of ginger. All mixed together in a bowl of clear golden broth.
Step 1
Cut and put broad rice noodles and soup base pack, fried shallot pack into a bowl
Step 2
Pour enough boiling water (about 400ml), cover the bowl for 3 minutes. 
Step 3
Open lid, cut and put stewed fish pack into the bowl, stir well and serve