Hoang Gia Instant Bean Thread With Crab 105g
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Hoang Gia VIFON Crab vermicelli is produced on modern technological lines with no preservatives & no synthetic food coloring. VIFON vermicelli with crab is made from pure rice grains combined with mung bean starch to ensure tenacious, soft and delicious fibers, adn come along with carefully-processed and high-temperature-sterilized  "Authentic Crab meat bag". With an enrichuing soup with signature crab flavor, attractive spices, all blend together to create a delicious and nutritious cup of VIFON Crab Vermicelli, which is one of the top convenient choices for you anywhere and anytime.
Step 1
Cut and put bean thread and soup base pack, fried shallot pack into a bowl
Step 2
Pour enough boiling water (about 400ml), cover the bowl for 3 minutes. 
Step 3
Open lid, cut and put stewed crab pack into the bowl, stir well and serve