Tham gia cùng VIFON chương trình “Săn Vàng cùng VIFON”

Chương trình bắt đầu ngày 10/07 đến 07/10/2022 

VIFON organized the Full Moon Festival for children in the company.

Monday, 10/02/2020, 10:34 GMT+7

On 26th of Sep,2015, with the consent and support of the Board of Directors, Union of two companies and Youth, in collaboration with the Marketing Department and the Youth Union organized the Full Moon Festival for more than 300 children of officials and employees who are working at VIFON.


This is the first time VIFON organized the Full Moon Festival for the children of the company. The program brought joys and delights to all children through the early hours as activities with the clowns, balloons, family shooting, especially the lively entertainment night full of laughter of children with lion dance performance, music performances with the theme “Full Moon Festival”. The games by the trio MC Chu Cuoi – Moon Lady – Jade Rabbit led all to the funniest atmosphere!



Finally it could not lack the moments the children lit the lanterns together received the gifts from VIFON. Despite of small gifts but the heart and dedication that all the people who made up the program- the officers and employees of the company to bring the kids, so they had a very happy Full Moon Festival!


Full Moon Festival took place successfully. The jubilant smiles of the kids when the event finished is the motivation for all people who made it successfully, hopefully we all will come together to make a “full moon festival” meaningful afterwards!