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From the traditional dish gaining great love from Vietnamese cuisine lovers, Pho today has become a culinary delight of the world, represented the most special essence in Vietnamese cuisine.

As the beloved dish of Vietnamese people,

Writer Thach Lam once wrote in his book Ha Noi bam sau pho phuong: “Delicious Pho must be classic Pho, cooked with beef, pure and sweet broth, soft noodles without being crumbling, crispy and fatty but not tough meat. Lemon, chili, and onions are served, fresh herbs, pepper with some stalks. All makes Pho slightly like a doubt.”

Raw materials to make Pho is just simple and can be found at any popular markets throughout Vietnam. However, to make a typical, passionate, ardent taste of Vietnamese dish is not easily.

Pho is a dish that requires sophisticated processes in a lot of time. The chef not only needs to master every stage of cooking pho but also needs to add a little passion and nationalism to make Vietnamese dishes containing soul and Vietnamese personality. Pho is considered a symbolic representative of Vietnamese culinary culture by a long-time tradition with many famous Pho restaurants from North to South such as Pho Thin, Pho Ly Quoc Su, Pho Bat Dan, Pho Dau, Pho Phu Gia, …

Phở - đại sứ ẩm thực Việt vang danh thế giới
Pho is a dish that requires sophisticated processes in a lot of time.

Not only does Pho conquer many Vietnamese tastes, but it is also praised by world-famous celebrites such as former US President Bill Clinton, the Senator John McCain, etc. Unlike Hue beef noodle soup, Hu tiu Nam Vang or Rice Pan Cake with crab are specialties of each region, though be originated from the land of horror, Pho has become an attractive dish of the S-shaped country. People can find this taste in everywhere of the country with different variations. Moreover, Pho has crossed over the national border, followed the footsteps of Vietnamese people around the world.

Nowadays, with modern technology, instant Pho product was born. Thanks to instant noodle soup, Vietnamese people ourselves were able to enjoy the familiar taste of traditional Pho in anywhere.

Instant noodle has won the hearts of customers because of its convenience, ease of use, and especially the delicious typical flavor of traditional pho. Since then, not only instant Pho has become a familiar dish for many Vietnamese people, but it is also a close companion, can be easily stowed away in the luggage of many Vietnamese people. Enjoying this taste helps people satisfy cravings, and have the opportunity to introduces the “national soul” of Vietnam to international friends. Vietnamese people have considered instant noodles soup as a culinary ambassador which is worthy of being proud to introduce to other countries in the world.

Currently on the market, the most popular is VIFON instant noodle products. VIFON is one of the first enterprises to produce instant noodle soup, with the famous instant noodle product line that made VIFON’s reputation was officially born in 1996. Furthermore, after more than 20 years of development, VIFON is also a pioneer in the research of real meat technology in instant food, which helps to increase the nutritional value for consumers with the Hoang Gia product line – special products with high quality real meat packs.

Phở - đại sứ ẩm thực Việt vang danh thế giới
VIFON is the first enterprise producing instant Pho and real meat packs in instant products

After 55 years of development, VIFON is not only a strong and famous name in Vietnam market, but the brand also asserts itself in the international market. Currently, VIFON Pho has been more than 80 countries, including markets with very strict quality requirements such as the US, Australia, Japan, Korea and the European Union.

Phở - đại sứ ẩm thực Việt vang danh thế giới
VIFON pho is also served on international premium flights

As quality is always focused with delicious taste, VIFON’s traditional value, VIFON instant noodle is very popular in the international market and received many prestigious awards such as Top 10 Global Food Awards, Consumers’ Laurel 2017.

Phở - đại sứ ẩm thực Việt vang danh thế giới
In July 2018, VIFON got Guinness recognition for biggest instant Pho bowl

Particularly, in 2018, VIFON brand created a big surprise when 200,000 VIFON pho boxes were sold out within 10 days at GS25 convenience store in Korea.

Along with instant Pho, Vietnamese Pho dishes have been easily advertised everywhere, becoming favorite and valuable dishes in the world cuisine. For more than half century of accompanying Vietnamese consumers, VIFON pho has gradually reached its dream: making the quintessential, tasty flavor of Vietnamese pho become a famous brand, represent the soul and the most unique essences of Vietnamese culinary culture.